Haight Crop Insurance, Inc.

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Services We Offer:

Whole Farm Revenue Protection Insurance

Whole Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP) provides protection against loss of revenue that you expect to earn or will obtain from commodities you produce or purchase for resale during the insurance period. Whole Farm revenue consists of revenue from all insured commodities on the farm operation, including revenue from animals and animal products. Many growers often choose this coverage option if they care about the "bottom line" of their farming operation and/or if they have unique crops whose revenue would not be insured under a normal multi-peril crop insurance (MPCI) policy.

Multi-Peril Crop Insurance

Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) covers a wide variety of crops against threats that could either partially or completely wipe out production. Almost any damage that is caused naturally (i.e.: adverse weather conditions, insects, wildlife, earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.) is considered a covered cause of loss (unless otherwise specified in the special provisions for that county/crop). Coverage levels for MPCI vary and a multitude of options are available to fine-tune coverage for each individual farmer.

Private Hail and Fire Insurance

Many farmers purchase Crop-Hail coverage because hail has the unique ability to completely destroy a significant part of a planted field while leaving the rest undamaged. In areas of the country where hail is a frequent event, farmers often purchase a Crop-Hail policy to protect high-yielding crops.


Growers often purchase private Fire insurance in order to protect their crops from accidental man-made fires, such as a piece of equipment catching on fire while operating out in the fields.

Digital Signatures
Wall Maps of your Operation

Farm life is busy and mailing back paperwork isn't always the most efficient option for you. We now have the ability to allow you to sign your crop insurance forms digitally from wherever you are, rather than mailing hard copies back to our office. Please contact us if you are interested in registering to sign your forms digitally.

We've recently begun offering full-color, laminated aerial view maps (up to 3' x 4' in size) of your fields upon request. We've heard from our growers that these are great for mounting in shops in a frame or to utilize during Production and Acreage Reporting seasons. Please let us know if you would like a map of your farming operation for 2018! 

Crops We Insure:







Alfalfa Seed


Sugar Beets

Dry Peas



Sweet Corn

Green Peas
Hybrid Sweet Corn Seed

Dry Beans

Processing Beans









Counties We Currently Insure In: